REVEAL: Build a kids bench for under $15

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A couple of months ago my good friend Adrian asked me to help him build a small table for his daughters. He wanted to make them a play table for coloring, drawing, arts and crafts, etc. We built a small table at the same time I built a craft table for my daughter. The idea was for him to come back the following weekend and we were going to build some benches for the kids as well. As it can happen when you’re an adult, life got in the way and we couldn’t get back together to build them until recently.

Last weekend we finally had time to get together. I mocked a few plans up in Sketchup and between his and my wife’s incredible taste, we decided on a set of benches that would go with his table. I’ll go in to more detail later this week and will even have a set of plans as well, but for now I’ll give you a few photos of the finished product. Not bad for his very first build huh?

The best part? Each bench can be built for under $15.00! Be sure to click here for the plans!!!

DIY Kids benches and table

DIY Kids Benches and table

DIY Kids benches top


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